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Dec 29, 2016

Sri Lanka enhances horticultural product exports to the Netherlands

Sri Lanka is to enhance ornamental product exports to the Netherlands, focusing on the foliage and cuttings segment.

Sri Lanka exported horticultural products for a value of US$ 14 million in 2015, whereas it imported for a value of US$ 1 million, the majority of exports being foliage and cuttings. The Netherlands and Japan are the leading destinations.

Export of cut flowers is rather small but trade towards the regional markets and the Middle East shows an increase.

Within the group of importing countries of floricultural products from Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait grew to a market share of almost 25%.

Trade statistics indicate that there’s a potential for more trade of floricultural products between Sri Lanka and the Netherlands.

The import from Sri Lanka was less than 1% of the total imports in the Netherlands in 2015, which implies there’s potential for growth.

And the export from the Netherlands to Sri Lanka (either direct or through distributors or partners of Dutch suppliers in other countries) has much more potential as well.

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