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Dec 30, 2016

‘Raviraj case ruling violated faith in justice’ (video) Featured

Leading trade unionist Saman Ratnapriya warns the court ruling in the MP Nadaraja Raviraj murder case has violated the faith placed both locally and internationally on the government that it will hold fair investigations into the murders of politicians and journalists, reports.

Speaking to the media in Colombo yesterday (29), the convener of the citizens organizations collective who was party to the formation of the present regime noted it was crystal clear with eyewitness accounts that Raviraj was killed, adding that it was a politically motivated murder.

An all-Sinhalese jury appointed at the request of the lawyers for the accused acquitted them based on a mere piece of evidence, said Ratnapriya.

The family of the slain MP was not given justice, and this has proved the government has violated its promise to act against murders and corruption, he went onto say.

Local mechanism comes into question

Ratnapriya also said it has also given rise to question the opportunity given by the international community to locally investigate and hear cases of war crimes accusations leveled in Geneva.

This will unavoidably convince the world that there is a serious flaw in the country’s legal mechanism, and justice will not be given over murders of MP Joseph Pararajasingham, Prageeth Ekneligoda, Dharmaratnam Sivaram, ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen and others, he stressed.

Now, Sri Lanka will not be able to reject an international involvement in investigations and prosecutions in human rights violations, the TU leader said.

Separate judicial mechanism proposed

He added that the government and the judiciary have the grave responsibility of proving that they were impartial and that justice would be given.

However, certain government ministers were making horrible interferences to rescue killers and the corrupt, he charged, and warned the president and the prime minister that there would be no future for the government if they failed to stop such intrusions.

He proposed a separate judicial mechanism to hear cases pertaining to murders and corruption.

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