Dec 10, 2018

New Field guide to the butterflies of Sri Lanka

A new field guide to the butterflies of Sri Lanka by esteemed husband and wife team of George Michael and Nancy van der Poorten will be launched on December 20 at the Met Depratment in Colombo.

The field guide, which will enable a layperson to identify the butterflies of Sri Lanka that they see in the field, is must for nature lovers.

More advanced naturalists will learn key identification points for the more difficult species. For easy comparison, similar species are grouped together within each family. Easy to carry, this field guide will prove to be an indispensable reference for years to come.

A softcover paperback, all 248 species found in the island are illustrated with images of live individuals in the field and are described with key information on appearance, behavior, habitat, flight period and prime locations for observing them.

Distribution maps show current and historical records. Identification of similar species is made easier with additional identification keys, images and helpful hints.