Dec 18, 2018

Northern lands to be released prior to Dec 31!

The government has made plans to release 26,355 acres of state and private lands prior to December 31, 2018, which was being used by the security forces, without compromising on national security.

This measure was taken based on the directives of the President.

The Army claims that since May 18, 2009 they had released 69,754.59 acres which was being used by the army.

The army had occupied 84,523.84 acres of land since May 18, 2009 and so far 69,754.59 acres have been released without jeopardising national security.
The army has been releasing lands in stages until November 25, 2018 and these are state as well as private lands.

Further, the Jaffna Security Force Headquarters is planning to release another 263.55 acres of land prior to December 31, this year without it impeding on the security of the country.


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