Dec 25, 2018

Mahinda’s first target in 2019! Featured

The first target of Mahinda Rajapaksa next year will be to get the top judicial positions filled with his loyalists, SLPP sources say.

As the opposition leader, he will attempt to gain control of the Constitutional Council and appoint judges loyal to him to the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

The CC, appointed as per the 19th amendment to the constitution, has 10 members.

The speaker is its chairman and the prime minister, and the opposition leader are officially its members,while the latter can appoint a representative as well.

After resigning from the premiership on December 15, Rajapaksa claimed that owing to a distorted parliament, the CC has representatives of the same political line.

As a result, all top appointees in the past four years were their loyalists, he charged.