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Jan 01, 2017

FTZ TU makes proposals for professional journalism Featured

Director general of government information Dr. Ranga Kalansooriya fails to give weight to the development and maintenance of a professional journalist in his invitation for public consultations on media rights and standards, says the Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees Union.

Writing to Kalansooriya, secretary of the Union Anton Marcus notes he only calls for adherence to international ethics and accountability.

Marcus admits the timely need for a dialogue on rights and standards in the media and makes its views and suggestions to the DG of government information briefly.

The letter notes that a majority of the media is part of business in the corrupt economy and decision making is based on political power and profit of the ownership and there is a conflict of interests between the needs of the ownership and independence of the journalists.

No media institution, including that of the state, allows free, independent journalism, it says, saying the main condition for such a prejudicial media is journalists not being given permanency in their employment.

The Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees Union proposes that all media institutions be given legally-bound conditionals for all their employees in line with the 87 and 98 conventions of the ILO.

Also, minimum qualifications and experience should be declared for journalists and they should be issued with a letter of professional duties and responsibilities.

All journalists should be issued with professional accreditation by the Government Information Department, the Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees Union adds in its letter.


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