Dec 26, 2018

2 arrested over harassing foreign tourist Featured

Hatton police have arrested two men under the alleges of attempting to harass a foreign tourist.

The victim, a young woman of 28 years is a British national, and has come to Sri Lanka with her boyfriend.

They were staying at a hotel near the Castlereigh reservoir where they had met with the two locals who were also guests at the hotel.

They had even had a few round of drinks together, police add.

In her complaint, the young woman had said the two locals had come to her room at around 1.45 am, coaxed her to come out and had attempted to harass her.

The hotel management had been informed, and the management had immediately notified the 119 emergency hotline.

Subsequently, officers of the Hatton police had arrested the locals under suspicion.

The suspects, revealed to be residents of the Dikoya area in Hatton, are to be produced before the Hatton Magistrate courts.