Jan 05, 2019

Withdrawing of foreign funds reduced!

The Central Bank states that the withdrawing of foreign currency invested in sovereign bonds during the recent past is now showing signs of reducing.

It is said that the reason for this is the Supreme Court verdict given last December. Further, due to the political stability in the country, the foreign investments have increased.

The value of the sovereign bonds that was withdrawn from December 12 to 19 last year had reduced to Rs. 670 million while the value of investments as at December 12th was Rs. 176,110 million which had decreased to Rs. 175,440 million by December 19th.

The withdrawals were high during November and the first week of December. During the period December 05th to 12th alone, Rs. 4,838 million of investments had been withdrawn, while from November 21 to 28th alone, Rs. 5185 million had been withdrawn.