Jan 05, 2019

Central Bank reveals cost of conspiracy! Featured

The Central bank issuing its 2019 review states that the country’s economy had to face serious challenges in 2018 and due to the 52 day political instability the country’s economy suffered a huge blow.

In its 4th page, the report specifically refers to the last quarter of last year, stating that the political issues further aggravated the country’s economic challenges.

It further states that due to the sluggishness of the construction field in 2018 technical development was also affected.

In this publication’s 32nd page it states that this situation has a serious bearing on the state debt situation.

Due to the political instability in the country, several challenges were posed in 2018.

The report states that during the latter stages of 2018, with the rise in the yield rates of state securities high interest loans had to be taken.

In its summery on page 38, the report indicates that the economy is at a vulnerable level.

It states that there are further challenges and threats and that there are many uncertainties that could impact on the economy and financial network, which has taken a turn for the worse after the political instability.

All sectors of the economy had been affected due to the 52 day political instability which is estimated to be around Rs. 820 billion, according to analysts.