Jan 13, 2019

Chandrika writes a strong letter to Maithri Featured

SLFP patron Chandrika Kumaratunga has told incumbent party leader Maithripala Sirisena in writing that she totally disapproved of their joining with parties and groups rejected by a majority of the people.

In a letter dated January 11th, she has said that there should be determined efforts to strengthen the party on its own.

She has written the letter to inform president Sirisena about a set of proposals on the SLFP’s future prepared by 10 party organizers and directly addressed to him.

The document says the party was presently facing its most serious crisis ever and proposes five measures to revive the party.

The proposals

They focus on safeguarding the party’s identity and transforming it into a developed democratic party based on a new socioeconomic programme, consider the damage from alliances with racist groups, further strengthen the steps against bribery and corruption, and oppose moves by some for the SLFP to ally with the UNP.

The organizers are asking the president an opportunity to discuss their proposals.


The letter by Kumaratunga has urged the president not to betray the vision and the programme for power in 2015 and stressed opposition to the Rajapaksas.

A letter by her to the president on January 03 too, has strongly objected to the SLFP’s allying with either the SLPP or the UNP.

She sent letters to him earlier too, on November 03 and 15, asking him to reverse his domineering actions that betrayed the people’s mandate, and criticized a denial for her to represent the SLFP central committee.

Letter5 670px 19 01 13Criticizes accepting the Rajapaksas back to SLFPThe January 03 letter described his attempts to accept the Rajapaksas, who divided the SLFP and formed the SLPP, back to the party as a betrayal.

It added that she had to face criticism by the people due to his domineering conduct after October 26.