Jan 04, 2017

Kalu Ganga water supply project underway

Kalu Ganga Water Supply Project gets under way with Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) financial assistance of Rs.10,000 million. The Construction of Water Treatment Plant at Kandana , Horana will be opened By Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe on Thursday the 5th.

The project includes the Construction of Water Treatment Plant at Kandana, Horana having a capacity of 60,000 m3/day, laying of large diameter Water Transmission pipe lines, Construction of Water Towers at Kesbewa, Jamburaliya, Kumbuka, and Welmilla.

Laying of pipe lines for Distribution Systems in Kesbewa East/West, Jamburaliya, Piliyandala, Miriswatta, Koralaima, Gonapola, andKumbuka Areas. Rehabilitation of 51 km of Distribution System in Southern Part of CB1 Area including Pettah, Hultsdorf and Parts of Kotahena and Maradana, and Transmission and Distribution improvement in Panadura and Kiriberiya. Around 300,000 of people living in those areas will be benefitted under the project, JICA sources said.

Greater Colombo Water Supply System depended on a few water sources in the past and there JICA extended support for development of Kalu Ganga as an alternative water source. JICA completed its Stage I project in year 2006 having capacity of 60,000m3/d water treatment plant. With the opening of new water treatment plant, the water treatment capacity will be increased up to 120,000m3/d.

JICA is also discussing with Sri Lanka Government on the possibility of extending assistance for Kalu Ganga Water Supply Expansion Project that further expands of Kalu Ganga by constructing another water treatment plant with a capacity of 140,000m3/d for catering the increasing water demands in southern part of Greater Colombo and part of the Kaluthara Districts.