Jan 22, 2019

‘We did not come to Sinharaja to see roads’

The Nature Study Centre alleged that visitors enter the Sinharaja forest not to have fun and frolic but to study the biodiversity of it, but roads are being constructed within the forest damaging it.

They condemned the action taken by the Deputy Environment Minister and the Wildlife Director to construct a road in the Kudawa area in the Sinharaja forest, during a press briefing held yesterday to notify their future action against this move.

Ven. Wekadawala Rahula Thera of the centre said that the government is lying to the people and carrying out such destruction, adding that the Environment Minister should at least be aware of the basic environmental laws prior to taking up this post.

Journalist Shalika Wimalasena said, “Journalist Kasun Pussawela, Janaka Gunatillake, Dilshan Wimalka and I visited the area last week and got a first hand glimpse of the destruction that is caused to the forest. There were metal piles already there for the construction of this road which would destroy this forest eco system.”

Journalist Kasun Pussawela said that this road is being constructed secretively and no one was allowed into this area. He said they have serious suspicions regarding the construction of this road.

A polish national who also spoke said that they visit Sri Lanka to enjoy these forests and nature and not to see these newly constructed roads.

Attorney Nuwan Bopage added that the government is breaking all environmental and wildlife laws and the multinational countries are pawning the country to the World Bank.

Dr. Prasanna Cooray noted that the World Bank is a money lending institution and the government takes loans indiscriminately, but eventually it is the people who have to bear the burden of it.