Jan 25, 2019

Action against Sena disrupted as Dept. faces financial crisis Featured

Nearly Rs. 1,000 million in payment arrears are disrupting the Agricultural Department’s campaign to curb the Sena caterpillar infestation, say department sources.

The money due for advertisements, pesticides and constructions has been suspended until the end of this year.

Meanwhile, Sena was found from a maize cultivation at Ambagamuwa in Ginigathhena, Nuwara Eliya too.

Owner of the cultivation G.D. Dayasiri says he is removing the caterpillars by hand and spraying the ash recommended by the Department on a daily basis.

Agricultural officers have inspected the damage at the maize cultivation.

Sena has also been reported from Hatton, Ruwanpura, Walapane and Theripehe areas as well.

(Pics: Ranjith Rajapakse - Hatton correspondent)