Jan 28, 2019

Carelessness sets 3-acres in Norwood ablaze (pics)

Around three acres of forest land belonging to the Norwood Estate had been destroyed by fire during attempts to remove trees to which had fallen onto a high voltage power line from Lakshapana to Norwood.

The Norwood Estate administration had hired a contractor to cut and remove some of the Eucalyptus trees within the estate under legitimate approval. However, the contractor had been cutting the trees near the high tension power lines in a careless manner, when a tree had fallen onto a high tension power line around 11.00 this morning (28) damaging the power line which had resulted in the fire.

However, the Norwood Police and the estate workers had managed to bring the fire under control.

Meanwhile, the Superintendent of the Maskeliya Consumer Centre Arosha Nilantha said that by cutting trees near high tension power lines without notifying the CEB had caused a huge damage, adding that the damages would be recovered from the contractor who was responsible for cutting the trees carelessly.

He further noted that the power supply to the area had been disrupted due to the collapse of the high tension power cable network, but measures would be taken to restore power at the earliest.

(Pics by Ranjith Rajapaksha- Hatton Corr.)