Feb 05, 2019

Two arrested over theft of buffaloes (pics)

The Thanamalwila Police had arrested two suspects who had stolen 17 buffaloes worth around a million from a cattle shed in the Unkanda area in Edakona, Thanamalwila.

The suspects had stolen the buffaloes very cautiously and an investigation was launched based on a complaint lodged by the cattle shed owners. Accordingly, the 17 stolen cattle and the two suspects who had stolen them were located in the Buttala, Gonagangara, Demaliya forest area and arrested.

Having stolen the cattle, they had branded the cattle in a brutal manner and the cattle were found with large wounds on their bodies. The two suspects are 25 and 27-year-olds from the Ethiliwewa and Balaharuwa areas, according to the Thanamalwila Police.

The suspects were produced before the Wellawaya Magistrate’s Court and remanded until February 7th. The Thanamalwila Police is conducting further investigations.

Pics by Jayantha Weerasekara-Wellawaya Corr.