Feb 08, 2019

'Sena' controlled : maize cultivation gets green light

Director General of the Department of Agriculture, Dr. W.M.W Kumarasiri says that farmers can continue maize cultivation in the forthcoming Yala season as Fall Army Worm (Sena) has successfully been controlled.

Accordingly, 15,000 hectares of maize is expected to be cultivated in the coming Yala season, he said.

In the 2018-2019 Maha season, around 80,000 hectares of maize was ploughed and due to the Fall Army Worm menace, a considerable amount of the cultivation was destroyed. But, according to Dr. Kumarasiri, the most serious damage was caused due to the prevailing drought weather condition.

However, by now, integrated pesticides methods have been employed to control the worm menace, and farmers need not to perturb to till their maize fields in this Yala season, he said.