Feb 10, 2019

Protest in Vavuniya against Sumanthiran and Sampanthan (Pics) 

Relatives of disappeared persons protested against Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan and TNA parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran in Vavuniya yesterday (09).


The relatives of missing persons accuse that though they have been protesting in Vavuniya demanding justice for missing persons for 719 days, Sampanthan and Sumanthiran wanted to safeguard the government instead of giving solution to the problem of missing persons.

Relatives of the disappeared said that those who came to power in the election from their vote, like Sampanthan and Sumanthiran, have kept their eye away from problems of the Tamil people and have now become henchmen of the government.

The protesters said that their problems have not been solved so far as Sumanthiran and Sampanthan are appeasing the government, particularly in discussions with the government on missing persons.

Relatives of missing persons joining in the protest said that they had made a request to the International Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and willing an international intervention on their behalf.

According to the relatives of the missing persons, it is necessary to bring a report, under an international intervention, on what happened to the disappeared during the war as they do not repose trust on a domestic mechanism and a domestic process.

The protesters staged their protest waiving flags of the United States and the European Union asking the United States and the European Union to meddle into the issue to obtain a reasonable solution for their problem.

Relatives of missing persons and political prisoners and activists from civil organizations participated in the protest.

Madhawa Kulasooriya - Vavuniya correspondent