Feb 10, 2019

Paddy farmers become hapless Featured

It has been reported that the price of a kilogram of paddy has fallen sharply with commencement of the paddy harvest in the Maha Season.

However, it is said that the private sector is purchasing paddy at a price of 28-32 rupees, as government’s purchasing centers have not been opened till now.

The paddy harvesting of the Maha season in the Northern, Eastern and North Western Provinces has already commenced.

It is also reported that private sector has begun to buy out paddy from the farmers who cultivated under minor irrigation schemes in the North Central Province at highly bargained rates.

The Paddy Marketing Board is delaying purchasing paddy when the Finance Minister has allocated a fund of 5,000 million rupees last week to purchase Paddy in Maha season.

Accordingly, a decision has been taken by the government to purchase a kilogram of Nadu variety at a price of 38 rupees and Samba variety at a price of 41 rupees.

Source - Aruna