Jan 05, 2017

Govt. not responsible for CTFRM report’s contents (Video) Featured

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike has said that neither the President nor the Prime minister had intervened in the recommendations of the final report of the Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms (CTFRM).

Therefore, the government won’t be responsible for its’ contents, she added.

The former President was speaking during the event earlier this week where the final report was presented to her.

Noting that a dialog to create reconciliation was taken up only twice during the country’s history, Ms. Kumaratunga said that one such instance was the ‘Sudu Nelum’ movement and this attempt was the second instance.

The former President also said as follows :

Majority, not racists

Although a broad dialogue was created in 1994 among the masses in the South to gradually bring about a peaceful approach, the initiative couldn’t be completed due to the war in the North. According to a research conducted among the Sinhalese masses back then, only 23.3% believed that the war could only be resolved through a political solution backed by peace talks.

However, a second research conducted two years later discovered that the percentage of 23.3 had grown to 68%.

The crux of this finding is that racist ideals are not so deeply rooted in the minds of the Sinhalese masses as certain individuals would say.

Accordingly, during the first attempt to bring about reconciliation, we learnt that the majority of Sri Lankans do not have the racist mindset.

Not a govt. publication

However, I must state that this report is not a government publication. It is entirely an independent publication which received government backing.

The members of the CTFRM should be commended for executing their task in this manner while preserving its’ impartiality.

A golden opportunity :

As the chairperson clarified, the CTFRM is responsible for the report’s contents. While commending this report, the government should do an intensive study of it before deciding which recommendations should be put to practice.

I wish that they will be able to put much of the recommendations to practice. On a final note, I wish to say that we have been given a golden opportunity to find a solution for the ethnic issue, which has been festering for a long time.

For the first time in the country’s history, the two main parties have agreed that a political solution must be executed to instill reconciliation. They have also accepted that the Tamil and Muslim masses must be ensured of their rights through a new constitution.

The former President's speech in Sinhala is shown below. 

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