Feb 15, 2019

Mistress of two underworld thugs, "Kudu Chooty", shot

Asha Faree (Kudu Chooti), who was shot at a house at the Mel Waththa area in Kotahena by two unidentified gunmen who came on a motorbike, was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital yesterday (14).

It is said that the woman has been the mistress of two underworld leaders.

Police say that she is the illicit lover of the underworld leader Maligawatte Faji of Maligawatte, who was killed by security personnel in missions to bust underworld activities and the underworld leader Kanchipani Imran, who was recently arrested with Makandure Madush in Dubai.

Police say that the woman who has been a part of the drug trafficking nexus has been shot in a face and chest.