Feb 16, 2019

Madush had planned to assassinate his rivals!

Before Makandure Madush was arrested at a Dubai hotel, he had invited some of his underworld gang members and discussed plans to assassinate several of his drug rivals who are in prison.

According to intelligence information, this plan had been discussed during the second week of January.

Based on their plan, the killing of his rivals was scheduled to take place between the 11-15th February targeting a prison bus these rival prisoners were being transported in or at the courts.

They were targeting four underworld drug operators including Wele Suda, Dematagoda Chaminda and Sujith Gunasekara,

With the details of the plot being revealed, the prison officials have taken measures to tighten the security of several prominent underworld figures currently in prison custody.

The security of these prisoners have also been stepped up when being transported to courts.

Intelligence reports states that prior to Madush being arrested by the Dubai Police, he had staged four parties at various Dubai hotels for four underworld teams who had gone to Dubai from Sri Lanka.

The authorities suspect that the military uniforms and live ammunition recovered during a search operation of the Gandara home of ‘Thalalle Ganja’ may have been readied for this attack. Thalalle Ganja who is a disciple of Madush was among the group that was arrested in Dubai.

Madush had sent Angoda Lokka and team to assassinate Ranale Samayang and seven others who were being transported in a prison bus in Kalutara, also clad in police uniform.