Feb 18, 2019

New swindle at the Labour Department! Featured

The Labour Department is said to be holding on to Rs. 256.25 million recovered through courts from employers who had not paid the Employees Provident Fund contribution, instead of paying it to the beneficiaries (the employees).

This sum of money is what has been recovered from cases filed against employers from 2011.

The Audit Department in a report sent to the Labour Department had stated that the money recovered for the period between 2011 to December 31, 2017 had not been paid to the relevant employees and instead is being held in a common Labour Department account.

Meanwhile, the employees of Rivira stated that despite their complaints to the Labour Department regarding the EPF deductions of the over 200 employees, their six months of salary arrears and non-payment of gratuity over 12 years against the owners of Sunday Rivira, Rivira Media Corporation and Rivira Media Consultants, due to the financial power of the employers the Labour Department is reluctant to take action and sweeping the issue under the carpet.

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