Feb 18, 2019

Information on higher officials’ involvement in Sampath Bank scam Featured

Some of the depositors who were victims of the massive Sampath Bank scam are said to have deposited millions of their money on the request of the bank’s higher officials, CID investigations have revealed said inside sources.

It has been revealed that world renowned Ayurvedha physician Kelum Weerasinghe had withdrawn millions of his money from his HSBC Premier account and had deposited it in Sampath Bank based on a request made by the Managing Director of Sampath Bank.

The CID revealed the details of their investigation before the Kaduwela Magistrates Court, regarding the malicious misuse of funds from Sampath Bank depositors’ accounts amounting to over Rs. 70 million, without the knowledge of these depositors.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Mirror has been receiving information  that a group of high ranking Sampath Bank officials had maintained close ties with depositors who had deposited large sums of money at their bank in order to carry out this massive fraud. We intend to reveal all details pertaining to this scam very soon.