Feb 18, 2019

Birth certificates are to be issued in all three languages

The Registrar General's Department is in the process of printing the Birth Certificates in all three languages so that they are internationally accepted.

Registrar General Chatura Vithana says that this program is being implemented under the guidance of Internal Affairs and Home Affairs Minister, Vajira Abeywardena.

He further added that the new birth certificate includes Sinhala, Tamil and English languages and a number of additional features like watermarks to ensure authenticity.

The program for issuing new birth certificates will be implemented before April and a plan has been mooted in collaboration with the Department of Registration of Persons to include the identity card number that is expected to be issued at the age of 16in that birth certificate, he added.

Accordingly, the identity card number will be submitted to the Department of Examinations.

He further said that a study is being done on a method of obtaining information to the Registrar General's Department via internet on child births.