Feb 18, 2019

Signs of losing pepper export quota to India Featured

Due to a certain pepper exporter importing pepper from Vietnam during last year and exporting it to India as Sri Lankan pepper, the country might lose its quota of exporting pepper to India.

It is reported that the Vietnamese pepper is inferior in quality than the Sri Lankan pepper and around four Vietnamese peppercorns have to be used in order to get the same strength as  Sri Lankan peppercorn and due to this fraud, Sri Lanka faces the threat of losing the Indian quota.

According to an investigations carried out by the Customs, this Sri Lankan had imported 2800 metric tons of Vietnamese pepper and exported it under the Sri Lankan name.

Under Indian tax concessions the amount of pepper that can be exported from Sri Lanka is around 2500 metric tons. However, this individual had exceeded that quota by around 300 metric tons.

It has been established that he would have earned Rs.1440 million by exporting Vietnamese pepper as Sri Lankan pepper.

Last year, 134 container loads of pepper imported from Vietnam had been exported to India and the said businessman is said to have exported more than Sri Lanka’s quota through the mediation of a powerful politician, the Customs officers revealed.

Due to this scam, the country faces the threat of losing its Indian quota as the Vietnamese pepper is more inferior to the Sri Lankan pepper.