Feb 19, 2019

Crocodiles in Swimming pools in Koggala (Pics)

Farmers, fishermen and villagers in Habaraduwa have been perturbed on crocodiles that come to farmlands in Thiththagalla, Peeleww, Matthegoda, Kahanda, Kathaluwa, Koggala and several other areas from Koggalu Oya in Galle.

The villagers are afraid of such crocodiles, particularly during night time and even in day time, and lives of the people are in danger. Since there is a massive crocodile presence in the Koggala Oya, there is a fear among the fishermen too. Several fishermen have died as a result of crocodile attacks. A villager was found dead recently near a canal in Mattegoda due to a crocodile attack.

On the 15th, a huge crocodile that had come to the Thiththagalla area had been caught and handed over to the Hikkaduwa Wildlife Office by the villagers.

The crocodile captured at the Ampawila area in Ahangama

A crocodile at a field in the Ampalawa area in Ahangama was caught by the villagers after making a huge effort. The crocodile is about 6 feet in length and villagers say a large number of people came to watch the crocodile.

Commenting on this, Chairman of the Environmental Protection Organization Habaraduwa Dineth Kavindu Piyasiri said that people of Habaraduwa are afraid of this situation. Piyasari added that the crocodiles are coming to Koggala trade zone and some hotels as well. Even crocodiles were found hotel swimming pools.

Kasun Tharanga of the Hikkaduwa Wildlife office said that the cottage owners and hotel owners have thrown litter including remnants of meat items in waterways in the area and as a result crocodiles come to eat them. He added that a program will be implemented to bring crocodiles to a safe place, he said.

At the Galle District Co-ordinating Meeting, the Ahangama Police said that it has decided to take legal action against those responsible for illegal throwing of litter.

Kevindu Piyasiri, the chairman of the Environmental Protection Organization of Habaraduwa says that whatever kind of measures to be taken, crocodiles coming to village areas will not stop in this situation.

Pics - Suneth Gallege - Galle