Feb 21, 2019

Officer falls into hot Goda pit during raid (photos) Featured

The Excise Department officers had raided a large scale moonshine (Kasippu) production site yesterday (20) in close proximity to the Ja-Ela, Muthurajawela marsh lands.

The illegal distillery had been in operation in the Ja-Ela Tudella area and the raid had been carried out after three days of investigations.

The raiding Excise officers had recovered 1800 bottles of moonshine, 30 barrels containing 7500 litres of Goda and 15 copper wires and arrested two suspects involved in the illegal brewery.

The value of the confiscated moonshine and equipment is valued at over Rs. 2 million.

During the raid, an excise officer had given chase to a suspect who had attempted to flee and had accidentaly fallen into a hot Goda pit. He had sustained burn injuries and is currently receiving treatment at the Ragama Teaching Hospital.

The suspects are scheduled to be produced before the Ja-Ela Magistrate’s Court.

Pics by Jude Samantha- Puttalam Corr.