Feb 21, 2019

12 families evacuated from dilapidated estate houses

The Bogawantalawa Police said that 51 people belonging to 12 families have been temporarily removed from the Tinsin estate in Bogawantalawa, as there is danger of collapsing of estate houses older than 100 years.

According to the police, the housing units are in a very dilapidated condition and some granite blocks have already removed.

The electricity connections provided to the housing unit has also been disconnected and the estate authorities have taken measure to settle the dwellers in in their relatives’ places temporarily.

Food and basic necessities have been provided by the authorities to the displaced persons.

The plantation authority says that discussions are being held with the Plantation Human Development Trust to construct new houses for plantation workers who are at risk of living in dilapidated housing units.

Pics - Ranjith Rajapakse - Hatton