Feb 22, 2019

Attempt to create judicial discord: Gammanpila rouses religious sentiments Featured

The Constitutional Council has disregarded seniority in appointing judges to the Supreme Court and Appeal Court, alleged Joint Opposition MP Udaya Gammanpila questioning if, “Being a Buddhist is a disqualification in being appointed to a position?” 

He brought up this issue joining the parliamentary debate on the Constitutional Council in parliament yesterday (21). 

He said, “As a Buddhist leader, Mr. Speaker, you command respect in society. However, in making appointments to the Supreme Court and Appeal Court, there is a notion among the judges that being a Buddhist is a factor to be ignored when receiving these appointments. These judges have spoken to us and expressed their concerns.
Being a Buddhist is not a criteria that should be considered in being appointed to a position and similarly, it should not be a factor that deprives a person of a position they deserve. In a country that had 70% of Buddhists, this notion had led to a great deal of anxiety within our society. In case all of you are unaware of this situation, I am notifying you all that there is such concerns,”  Gammanpila noted.