Feb 22, 2019

Sampath Bank heads pressure CID to cover-up massive scam Featured

The management of Sampath Bank have tried to influence the CID to sweep under the rug the massive fraud committed by bank staff amounting to millions of depositors money, Sri Lanka Mirror learns.

Due to the pressure exerted by the top management of the bank, several CID members investigating the scam have been removed from the case and the investigation has been handed over to a team headed by CID Chief Inspector I.S. Weerasinghe.

The investigations into this scam was initiated based on a complaint by a prominent Ayurveda doctor who had been a victim of this scam.

With regard to this scam two bank employees including a manager of the bank Manoj Rodrigo have been arrested in connection with the fraud where millions of funds belonging to depositors had been misused.

The CID is scheduled to arrest a group of high ranking officials of the bank in connection with the scam.

Several other victims had also complained to the CID and Sri Lanka Mirror stands committed to reveal all details to their readers in the future.