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Feb 26, 2019

Abandoned paddy field ploughed and harvest offered to Sasana (Pics)

The paddy field of the Nugedeniya in Ambagamuwa, Ginigathhena was ploughed after 7 years and harvest of it was offered to the Wijayabahu Pirivena, Ambagamuwa,

The Member of the Ambagamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha Helapriya Nandaraja encouraged the members of the Dayaka Sabha of the temple and members of the farmers' societies to till 3 acres of paddy field belonging to the temple and handed over the harvest to the chief incumbent of this temple, Ududagama Adhikarana Sanghanayake Nandasara Thera.

Helapriyananda Raja added that the paddy fields belonging to the temple had been cultivated to encourage the owners of other paddy fields too to cultivate as Nugadeniya paddy fields had been abandoned for many years.

Helipriya Nanda Raja has made arrangements to educate the farmers as there are many paddy lands in the Ambagamuwa area are abandoned.

Pics - Ranjith Rajapakse - Hatton

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