Feb 28, 2019

14 Chinese nationals arrested for flouting immigration laws Featured

The Galle Police Anti-Corruption Unit had arrested 14 Chinese nationals yesterday (27) who had been engaged in renovation activities at a building in the Dadella, on charges of flouting their visitor visa conditions.

The police said they had raided this building on a tip-off received and had found the said foreigners engaged in mixing cement, constructing the ceilings and other building work.

The 14 Chinese nationals are said to be in their 20’s, 30’s and 50’s. They had entered the country on visitor visas valid from January 01 to March 01.

It is illegal to enter the country on visitor visas and engage in employment, according to the police.

Currently it is believed that many Chinese nationals who are on visitor visas are being employed throughout the country, especially in industrial zones. Chinese nationals have also entered the tourist industry and with the large number of Chinese tourists visiting the country, they have been engaged as tour guides depriving the local tour guides of their opportunities.

The arrested Chinese nationals were scheduled to be produced in Courts today.