Mar 06, 2019

Aircraft attacking ammunitions seized from Rideemaliyadda

Rideemaliyadda Police say a suspect from Thambagoda, Kuruvitenna, Rideemaliyadda was arrested with 73 CBC type live bullets using to attack aircrafts from the ground, 346 other live bullets and 2 iron barrels yesterday (05).

A 35-year-old soldier who had been on leave was arrested.

Among the seized items there were 50 -95 mm CBC type 24 live ammunition made in a foreign country used for air strikes from ground, 49 live ammunition of 50-81 mm of CBC type, 5.81mm 273 live ammunition (FPN), locally manufactured or imported 5.81 ammunition barrel, 12 Bore barrels and a few bags, Police said.

The stock of ammunitions was stored in one room of his two room house of the soldier.

The suspect was to be produced before the court today (6) and soldiers intention of brining ammunitions has not been revealed, so far.