Mar 10, 2019

Harin exposed! Featured

It is reported that serious turmoil has arisen due to sports minister Harin Fernando’s attempt to shift the National Sports Festival to Badulla.

It was earlier planned to hold this event in one of the two districts of the eastern province; Ampara or Batticaloa.

It is reported that the Minister is preparing to take it to Badulla saying that there is a problem regarding accommodation in these areas.

The last National Sports Festival was held in Badulla in 2004. If it is held in Badulla this year too it will be held there after 15 years.

However, the National Sports Festival had been held in the Eastern Province in 1976, 43 years ago.

Meanwhile, there are rumors doing rounds on removing some events for instance, tug of war, handball and triple jump from the National Sports Festival.

The decision to take off tug of war event has been highly criticized as the authorities have allocated a large sum of money for sports clubs to promote tug of war as a national sport in Sri Lanka.

Let’s proceed!

Charges have already been leveled against Minister Harin Fernando too for behaving in the same manner like previous ministers with the view of stealing more votes from people with his petty decisions.

The Badulla District’s Vincent Dias Stadium, which is a sports complex in Harin’s electoral division, has been allocated 5 million rupees through a major sports association in the country and suspicion on his acts is on the rise.

It is also reported that the National Sports Festival needs to be held in September to select athletes for the upcoming South Asian Games to be held in Nepal from the 01st to the 10th of December.

The South Asian Games will include 27 games, including Twenty20 cricket.

A special meeting of Sri Lanka's participation in the 13th SAG Games will be held next week at the National Olympic Committee.