Mar 11, 2019

Absconding Karannagoda to CID today! Featured

Former Navy Commander Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda is scheduled to report to the CID today, according to an order issued last Thursday by the Supreme Court.

However, an order was also issued to the IG on the same day, preventing Karannagoda being arrested.

The order was issued having taken into consideration the FR petition filed by Karannagoda.

In his FR petition, Karannagoda had stated that measures are to be taken to have him arrested over the abduction of 11 youths during the period 2008/2009 and seeking an order preventing him being arrested.

Karannagoda’s attorneys told court that their client would be present in court when the Attorney General files charges in the High Court.

Having taken these submissions into account the court issued the order to the IG preventing Karannagoda from being arrested.

The judge bench ordered Karannagods to report to the CID at 9.00am today to record a statement regarding the abduction incident.


However, the CID had visited both his homes in order to record a statement from Karannagoda, but he had not been there.

The Kirulapone Police had visited his home in Kirulapone on February 21 to notify him to report to the CID at 10.00am on the same day.

However, when the police had arrived at his home, a person claiming to be Karannagoda’s brother had been at this house.

He had notified the Kirulapone Police that his brother lives in Beddagana.

The Kirulapone Police had then notified the CID about it and they had notified the Mirihana Police had hone to his Beddagana home to notify him to report to the CID on February 22 at 10.00 am.

However, no one had been there at the time the police had gone there.