Mar 11, 2019

GSMB officials involved in rackets - Chairman

Chairman of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau, Asela Iddawela said that some officials of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau are supporting the sand racketeers.

He stressed that the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau is not a permit issuing agency for illegal sand mining. Iddawela added that he was subjected to an internal attack from the Bureau when he attempted correct the situation.

Iddawela said that the sand miners are supported by a small number of officers in the Bureau and he will not be discouraged by such subversive elements.

The green sand mining concept has failed in the Polonnaruwa and Trincomalee Districts, and the sand mafia will not be allowed to flout the law, he said.

Iddawela highlighted that President was enlightened about the prevailing situation.