Mar 11, 2019

Hill county caught up in fire - hundreds of acres destroyed

The Thalawakele Police say that 100 acres of forest has been destroyed by a fire that broke out at the St. Clare Waterfall area in Thalawakele yesterday (10).

The fire had spread to the Hatton-Nuwara-Eliya main road and employees of the Lindula Urban Council of Thalawakele have controlled it.

The fire had erupted in the forest reserve had extended to a big tree at the road side and the workers of the Urban Council had taken measure to remove it with imminent danger.

The Thalawakele Police suspect that some persons had set fire to the reserve with the severe dry weather conditions prevailing in these areas in the Central hills.

Meanwhile, a fire broke out at the Rosita farm in Kotagala, which belonged to the National Livestock Development Board.

An official of the farm said that the fire had burnt over 10 acres of grassland.

Also, a fire erupted in the Bondiligala mountain reserve at Demodara yesterday (10) and the railway track is also in the risk.

Environmental organizations urge the public to inform the nearest police stations about suspects who are setting fire to forest reserves.

A fire broke out in the old bazaar area in the Nuwara Eliya District, where three shops in that street were completely destroyed by the fire.

The Nuwara Eliya Fire Brigade and villagers immediately drowned the fire.

No casualties have been reported in the fire, still the cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.

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