Mar 12, 2019

Beedi leaves being smuggled into the country by dingy! Featured

The security forces have learnt of a racket where beedi leaves are being smuggled into the country using dingy boats, it is reported.

The incident came to light after the North Central Naval Command officers had discovered 15 parcels of beedi leaves on March 10th from the Mannar, Urumalai sea area. Four persons were arrested during this search operation.

During further investigation, the Navy officers had found another three parcels of beedi leaves in the Mannar, Sand Dunes IV area.

The Navy had so far seized 706.32 kg of beedi leaves which is suspect ted to have been smuggled into the country from India by dingy boats.

The arrested suspects are in the ages of 26, 33, 34, and 39 years and are residents of Mannar, Pesalai.

The arrested suspects and the stock of beedi leaves have been handed over to the Jaffna Customs office for onwards action.

In addition, the Navy recovered a haul of 39.8 kg of beedi leaves floating in the seas south of the Delft Island yesterday as well. Accordingly, the Navy has so far seized 2652.27kg of beedi leaves which were attempted to be smuggled into the country so this year.