Mar 12, 2019

Use electricity sparingly

Power and Energy and Business Development Minister Ravi Karunanayake says that although no room will be allowed to a power cut, the general public need to use electricity sparingly.

He added that water levels of power generating reservoirs are reducing and therefore electricity is being produced using thermal power stations. However, he said that no increase of electricity prices will be made. But the Minister requested 6.5 million electricity consumers to use electricity sparingly.

Speaking further Karunanayake said,

"I urge the electricity consumers to save electricity by switching off two electric bulbs a day, then we can save up to 100 Megawatts per day. It is high time to use electricity sparingly. Please support us. We will never let electricity rate goes up ",

Minister Karunanayake made this request in the face of severe challenge encountered by the energy sector in the country due to prevailing dry weather conditions.

"These days, there is a very high demand for electricity, and this situation is expected to continue for another 1½ months. The rainfall in power plant areas is very low. But we are working to provide an uninterrupted electrical service to our people. Staff of the CEB replete with a great deal of experience will take steps to balance this situation. "

"We have not built a power generation system during last 10 years that would meet the electricity requirements of the country. The smallest thing we can do is to switch off two light bulbs in homes and save the electricity. Thereby problems of the people and the country's issues will be addressed. "