Mar 13, 2019

Owner’s protest on diamond assessment: police interrupted

The Peliyagoda Police Crime Division says that the market valuation for the diamond worth more than 500 million rupees that was robbed from a house at Arawwala, Pannipitiya had been stopped due to protests by the owner.

The owner informed the police that he had already obtained a valuation for the diamond and no need to reassess it.

The Gem and Jewelry Authority’s officials have stated that it need to do some extension of modification to the diamond to assess it. However, the owner of the diamond has said that he cannot allow to change the status quo of it.

The businessman has stated that assessment could reduce the market value of the diamond.

When the police had planned to forward it to the Geological Survey Department of the Peradeniya University to assess the value of the diamond , the owner protested against it.

Peliyagoda Police say that they will hand over it to the Maharagama Police to conduct the proceedings.

The police are of the opinion that the diamond’s ownership and assessment of value should be decided by the court.

This diamond had been brought to Sri Lanka by its owner in 1994. When he was employed in Saudi Arabia, he had found it in a soil load brought from South Africa to put in flower garden.