Mar 14, 2019

Doctor attacks nurse during a surgery!

While a surgery was being performed in an operating theater at Kurunegala General Hospital and a nurse had been injured as a doctor had attacked her by a bone-cutter; the nurse who received head injuries due to the attack was admitted to the same hospital for a surgery.

The assault had taken place on the evening of 12th and a nurse named Madhavi Rajaguru was the victim.

While the surgery was taking place, the doctor has placed the bone-cutter on the patient's bed. The nurse had been informed to take it out and the nurse had put it on her tray. It is reported that the doctor who lost his temper due to the act had used the same equipment to hit the nurse.

Attacking by a used surgical tool poses the threat of of contracting an infectious disease.

The nurses of Kurunegala General Hospital staged a protest not reporting to their duties yesterday against the heinous act of the doctors.