Mar 16, 2019

Auditor General says 25% of state expenditure wasted Featured

The Auditor General had told the Ravaya newspaper that due to the wastage in state institutions, around 25% of the state expenditure is being misused.

He had noted that if the wastage at these state institutions is curtailed, 25% of the allocations made for their expenses could be saved. He had also noted that none of the state institutions have the financial discipline required to properly manage their expenses.

The AG pointed out that a huge sum of money is wasted on indiscriminate use of paper at state institutions, adding that if they utilise the modern technology such as internet, the money wasted on the use of paper could also be saved.

According to the Auditor General, although many of these state institutions obtain loans for their projects, most of them are without proper long term vision. This has also led to the downfall of these institutions.

If Sri Lanka follows the methods followed by South Korea, Sri Lanka could uplift its economy, said the Auditor General Gamini Abeysinghe.