Mar 16, 2019

MP Masthan’s vehicle runs over 3 persons (pics)

Three persons of the same family including a child were injured and when the vehicle in which Wanni district MP Cader Masthan was travelling in collided with the motorcycle the family was travelling in this morning (16), according to the Medawachchiya, Kumbukgollewa residents.

The residents said that the MP’s vehicle, was traveling from Anuradhapura towards Vavuniya when it had hit a motorcycle which was traveling in front of them.

The Medawachchiya Police said that the double cab had collided with the motorcycle at Punewa, Mahakumbugollewa and that a father, mother and their child had sustained injuries in the crash.

The wounded persons who are residents of Periyaulukkulam in Vavuniya have been admitted to the Vavuniya Hospital for treatment.

Following the accident, the Vanni District MP who was in the vehicle at the time of the accident had been taken away by another vehicle, according to residents of the area.

The Medawachchiya Police is conducting further investigations.