Mar 18, 2019

Restaurants, retail shops & bakeries raided (Pics)

Public Health Inspectors inspected all the restaurants, wholesale outlets and bakeries in Bogawantalawa town.

Public Health Inspectors attached to Public Health offices in Bogawantalawa, Maskeliya, Kotagala, Talawakele, Piliyandala, Ginigathhena and Kotmale engaged in the inspection.

Public Health Inspectors who participated in the raid stated that legal action will be taken against the food and beverage shops who had maintained low quality shops, restaurants and retail outlets.

Cafes and retailers were given 14 days to improve the situation and they should again demonstrate the better standards.

Public health inspectors have said that legal action will be taken against those who do not live up stipulated standards following the grace period.

A large number of food items unfit for human consumption were destroyed.

Pics: - Ranjith Rajapakse - Hatton

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