Mar 19, 2019

Swarnavahini interdicts 13 employees! Featured

Swarnavahini had interdicted 13 employees including two from the news division for having initiated a union for the protection of workers’ rights.

The first meeting of this union was held yesterday with the participation of the majority of employees, but when they had arrived at the office this morning, the security had notified them that the management had instructed the security not to allow these 13 employees to enter the office.

Swarnavahini is currently in the limelight for entertaining foreign buyers to purchase the company despite many local bidders, while it is alleged that a politician of the current government and a former female political leader had obtained millions of dollars as bribes through this transaction.

Even the President had stated that this transaction was a corrupt deal. Hence under such circumstances, the employees had formed this union with the intention of finding solutions to the issues within this company and to prepare themselves for the future volatilities. 


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