Mar 20, 2019

Commendable act to save employees hand

A printing establishment in Ampara, Tharindu Offset Printers, had gained the attention of many in the country recently as its owner Mettananda Rubasinghe had cut off parts of a very expensive printing machine in order to save the hand of an employee.

However, the insurance company had refused to pay compensation for the machine. As a result, this printing press owner is facing a very pathetic situation, prominent artiste Indranatha Thenuwara had posted on his FB page.

However, according to FB posts, it is believed that this machine had not been insured, but others claim that if it was purchased after obtaining a bank loan, it definitely should be insured. Another post indicated that the relevant machine had now been repaired and is currently in use.

The printing press owner’s actions to save the hand of his employee came under praise by many and he even received an award for it. However, considering his commendable and selfless action in order to save another, as fellow countrymen, it is rightfully our duty to assist such a person to get back on his feet.

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