Mar 21, 2019

Drivers reveal PickMe mafia Featured

The drivers who have registered with Sri Lanka’s prominent online taxi service Pick Me have said that due to the massive scam by the company, they are facing pathetic plight. They said this during a protest launched opposite the Pick Me office on 18th and 19th.

The drivers allege that due to the company offering taxi services at very low rates, their income has reduced drastically and they are in a state of incurring losses. They charge that while the company is offering the service at low rates to the customers, they are recovering that loss from the drivers. Currently, there are 90,000 drivers registered with the Pick Me service and the service charges the drivers Rs. 100 irrespective of whether they work that day or not.

The drivers alleged that if they run a hire of Rs. 5000, the company charges Rs. 600 and when the fuel cost is reduced, they are left with a pittance. They claim that when a driver first registers with the company, they are given many hires and thereafter, they are ignored.

Many fall victim to the attractive advertisements indicating high income, they said, adding that once the fuel costs and maintenance costs of their vehicles are deducted, they barely have enough to survive. They also claim that there is no job security, pointing out that when two of the Pick Me drivers had met with accidents, the company only paid them Rs. 15,000 each.

The drivers said that when they had tried to talk to the Pick Me management, they had rejected their request. When the Pick Me drivers had protested opposite the office on March 18-19, the management had closed down the main office.

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