Mar 22, 2019

Patali tells felonious politicians who have not passed 8th grade not to get excited Featured

Those who have made it their politics to control people by inculcating fear in them are finding fault with the development process in the country, said Megapolis and Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka. The minister said this during the island wide ‘Jana Piyasa’ mobile service in Gampaha yesterday.

He said, “When getting certain plans approved by the Urban Development Authority the Provincial Councils and Urban Councils as well as the general public have to face many hardships. However, through this mobile one day service, many of their problems are resolved by bringing together many institutions together.

The Pradeshiya Sabha, Electricity Board, Water Supply Board, Govi Jana Seva Department etc which deals with approvals related to filling of marsh lands, high rise residential apartments, water supply, electricity and many other services. We have been successful in taking these institutions to the people and helping them resolve their issues through the Jana Piyasa mobile service,” he said.

“Currently, applications for approval of buildings over 4000 sqft is done online by the UDA. It is now a totally automated procedure without any intermediates and there is no need to bribe anyone. However, this process is still being carried out manually at the Pradeshiya Sabhas and we have told them to automate this process in order to eliminate corruption.

However, they do not have computer facilities yet and we must understand their plight. But, we are gradually automating all the processes of the UDA. Moreover due to the lack of online facilities in many of the regional institutions, some paddy lands, though they have now been filled, do not get the approvals because the data has not been updated. In such instances, the mobile service has proved to be very useful.

Further, certain political crooks are frightening the people by spreading false rumours that the government is preparing to hand over the stretch from Trincomalee to Colombo to the Americans. We have identified four main economic corridors. One is from Trincomalee to Colombo, other is from Galle to Tissamaharama, another from Jaffna to Killinochchi and the fourth is from Walachchenai to Ampara.


This is as a result of an analysis done by a group of around 3000 local scientists from various fields. These fraudulent political crooks cannot understand this concept as they have not even passed the 8th grade. Hence, I urge the people not to let these persons instigate and mislead them,” he said.


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