Mar 31, 2019

Angoda Lokks leads Madusha's underworld! Featured

Police intelligence has revealed that the underworld operatives who were led by Makandure Madhush, are now being commanded by Angoda Lokka alias Chandana Wasantha Perera.

It is said that he is already re-grouping underworld operated under Madush.

Information has been revealed to security personnel that after Madhush being deported from Dubai, Angoda Lokka and his faction are trying to retaliate from those who involved in changing the course of Madhush.

Accordingly Devundara Thamil, Wele Suda and Annasi Moril could be facing severe threats.

Recently, it was stated that Madhush is the owner of the ship that had been seized by the security forces on the seas with heroin. But it has been reported to the security sections it could be propaganda propagated to trouble Madhush.

Since Madhush has been in prison for nearly two months now, there is suspicion that how he communicated with the drug dealers.

However, it is reported that Wele Suda has not yet stopped his drug business and that it is maintained under the protection of the limited number of security personnel. Underworld members aligned to Wele Suda have been accused of drug deals, recently.