Mar 31, 2019

No room for medical degree holders from foreign countries without A/L- SLMC Featured

The Medical Council of the Sri Lanka has decided not to register any medical graduates who have obtained their degrees from froeign countries without being able to to pass the GCE A / L in Sri Lanka.

The recently concluded meeting of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) has taken this decision. A group of medical degree holders have fielded thair applications to new registrations to the SLMC and it has been revealed that some of them have not paased GCE A / L exam.

However, a resolution has been defeated in the Medical Council regarding offering registration to medical degree holders sans GCE A/L, with 07 votes in favor and 10 against.

Accordingly, it has been decided that no medical graduate will be registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council without GCE A/L.